Create and Sell Your Own
Online Training Products!

Learn step-by-step process
for creating training courses from scratch


Find Profitable Course Topics

Learn how to combine your passion, experience, and research to create your best course.

Create Engaging Presentations

Structure your ideas into an outline to create a presentation for your course using free design and presentation tools.

Make Professional Recordings

Record your voice and computer screen digitally to capture the highest quality sound and video.

Produce Handouts for Student Resources

Create PDF resources for students to use for additional information, links, and practice activities.

Host Your Course for Free on the Best Platform

Choose a hosting platform, upload your videos, and set your price to begin selling your course within 4 weeks.

Course Creation Rock-Star


Downloads of All Videos

Watch anywhere, any time. Download every instructional video in MP4 format and watch on any device.

4.5 Hours of Video Training

Learn through over-the-shoulder instruction as Ron guides you through learning all the major elements of Camtasia Studio.